In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Country House for birthdays Assisi

Country House for birthdays in Assisi, dream events and parties

If you seek a Country House for birthdays in Assisi, Petrata Castle is the right solution to satisfy your every request, a modern resort that arises from within a XIV century fortress. 

Every proposed birthday organizing plan is one of a kind, rich in medieval atmospheres antique furnishings and a structure where the past has been preserved through an attentive restoration effort. 

Besides this, there is no shortage of contemporary echoes and elegant, refined corners like the swimming pool, the internal halls, the garden and panoramic terrace, plus a classic Hotel style service. A perfect way to celebrate your 18th nascence anniversary or just any other particular recurrence.  

The multilingual, experienced staff will take care of any preparations on your special day, turning int into a real event, thanks also to devising musical or themed evenings. 

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