In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Country House swimming pool Assisi

Country House in Assisi with a pool, a perfect glimpse on every season

The welcoming Country House in Assisi with a swimming pool Petrata Castle awaits for you to have the most exciting vacation you've ever had. 

Due to the services offered by the country house and the excellent location in which stands, just 5 kms away from Assisi's Saint Francis hamlet in the middle of the countryside, it bids itself as the ideal place to sit back and rest.

One of the Country House's features is the unmissable natatorium adjacent to both the fortress and the spa, immersed by the greenery and marked by its natural form. 

Its surface extends about 140 square meters, its height is a constant 1,40m, coated with a sand colored tarp with the purpose of making the water take the colour of the sky and the surrounding environment. 

The ancient solarium, with its grassy and terracotta flooring, allows you to admire the panorama on the Umbrian valley bellow and get caressed by the jacuzzi's jetstreams, all while getting the best out of the venue's silence and tranquility. 

A splendid resort to spend pleasing days between sunbathing and basin dipping, be it with one's better half, the whole family or along a group of friends to have fun and to enjoy in comfort and leisure like in a hotel. 

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