In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Breakfast Assisi

Breakfast in Assisi, relax and taste

A delicious breakfast at Assisi's Country House Petrata Castle is the perfect way to start a new day to devote the local beauty or to the many leasure available at our fortress. 

It is ideal for healthy eating enthusiasts, thanks to so many typical ingredients and other raw materials from the Umbrian villages. 

The classic meal is represented by coffee, capuccino, milk, tea, cereal, yogurt, biscuits, hot chocolate, homemade sweets and treats, croissants, brioches, bread and pastries for an authentic Italian-style breakfast.

Those who love intense flavors may savor a more international serving with eggs, bacon, sausages, ham and several juices and beverages. 
Everything gets served until 11:00 am at our splendid restaurant. 

Having breakfast in Assisi, just like in a Hotel, is a great occassion to enjoy the outstanding regional enogastronomical supply in a relaxing, history rich environment among antique furnishings, medieval atmospheres and amazing scenarios. 


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