In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Cooking courses near Perugia

Cooking courses near Perugia, learning among stoves

Cooking courses near Perugia are some of the most interesting and entertaining indoor activities organised at Petrata Castle, the right occassion to live a gastronomical vacation by discovering the secrets of Umbrian cuisine. 

These courses are proposed several times throughout the year and are carried out inside the Country House's restaurant near the greenery of the countryside. 

A great number of subjects are covered, from the manufacture of homemade pasta to bread preparation, from ragù sauce cooking to pastry making. Always starting from the fundamental ingredients choice and typical local products, essential for a successful dish. 

The classes do not take place during a specific date. If you happen to be interested please make the Management know and we will gladly to arrange for a tantalizing and unique experience with you.

Check out if there are any promotional packages! 

An unmissable opportunity within a Relais near nature offering services of a 4 stars hotel.

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