Easter lunch assisi

Easter Lunch in Assisi having fun in Umbria

The traditional Easter lunch in Assisi becomes tinged with excitement thanks to Petrata Castle's offer, the XIV century fortress resting on the hills just 5kms away from the Basilica of Saint Francis. 

The supply we propose is a mix of culture and leisure, capable to meet all kinds of expectations and perfect for every age group.  

Without any doubt, typical Umbrian dishes are our Easter's main players. Made with fresh seasonal ingredients, wisely mixed by the restaurant's Chef, able to bring a delicious lunch to life with homemade pasta, wild game, cheeses, cold cuts and the ubiquitous lamb, all of them paired up with our cellar's fine wines.    

Children won't be short on surprises though, since they'll benefint from Easter time and the resurgence of Spring to play peacefully around the structure's large grounds. 

Easter between lunch and fun along with the internal spa's fitness trails and artistic beauty present in the area. 

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