In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Luxury Restaurant Assisi

Luxury Restaurant in Assisi, excellent Umbrian cuisine

A Luxury Restaurant in Assisi, nestling at the heart of an ancient manor and surrounded by lush greenery. 

This is Castle Petrata's culinary haven. A a place of great class and luxury, perfect for ceremonies, receptions, parties, recurrences and anniversaries. 

An outlet capable of suggesting an exemplary enogastronomical offer, a series of proposals that are part of local tradition.  

Because if the environment is of absolute importance, the same can be said about the courses that drive lunches and dinners, made with high quality ingredients and following old regional recipes. 

That way we find cold cuts and cheeses, pasta and sauces made at the kitchen, gnocchi, cappelletti, pappardelle, strangozzi, tagliatelle made with truffles, ragù, goose or hare sauce.  

Continuing with lamb, pheasant stew, gander, chicken, pidgeon alla Ghiotta and pork. All of them accompanied with a fresh brighteyes side, eggplant parmesan or roasted potatoes. 

Finishing off with appetizing traditional dishes and exceptional wines from this luxury restaurant near Perugia.

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