In the Umbria's hearth, the charm of its ancient splendor

Wedding location near Perugia

Wedding location near Perugia, a flawless celebration

The wedding location at Petrata Castle near Perugia is a dream scenography for the perfect ceremony.  

Just like in a Hotel in Assisi, the location's many sites allow you to benefit from unique settings, giving you the chance to enjoy your refreshments on the panoramic terrace or have lunch inside the suggestive halls, making every moment magical and exclusive. 

The superb location shrouded by greenery and possesing finely cared of, history-rich interiors enable to arrange for an itinerant wedding banquet, capable of reaching the fortress' numerous rims and granting an air of uniqueness to your day, where the past's grandeur and echoes marry the beauty of nature.  

Everything accompanied by our restaurant's outstanding cuisine, a mix of innovation and tradition, ready to transform every event into an unrepeatable occassion.  

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