Country House with a beauty farm in Assisi healthy vacation in Umbria

The Country House with a Beauty farm in Assisi, Petrata Castle would like to welcome you to its exclusive Spa, a special space concieved for body and soul while giving you a relaxing, one of a kind experience.

The health resort is located at the core of the structure, surrounded by the Umbrian hills and a view towards the city.

It is open from 10:00 to 20:00 and offers a wide range of services like in a fine Hotel.

Each session needs to be booked at lobby at least 2 hours prior, while massages and treatments must be scheduled 48 hrs before check-in date providing credit card details as guarantee.

Guests should report to reception at least 10 minutes preceding the beginning of their own massage or treatment.

Cancellations can be done 24 hrs ahead of the appointed time.

The locale’s real peculiarity is that it is entirely dedicated exclusively to couples’ enjoyment from this impeccable wellness center potentials.

Within it are changing rooms, slippers, towels and everything else you need to get the most of such unique, unrepeatable experiences.

It is possible to also book from home by calling directly to the following number: +39 075 815451.