Ancient fortress of the XIV sexol

The history of the Castello di Petrata is rooted in the medieval times, in 1340, the year of its construction along the Franciscan path that connected Assisi to the nearby village of Gubbio.

Born as a villa since the end of the 15th century, it was strengthened by Sperello Sperelli which began to turn it into a true fortress to defend itself from the Baglioni.

After the period of jurisdiction of the Sacred Convent, it was transformed into a country house by the Tini family at the end of the sixteenth century and three centuries later it was first acquired by the Affuso family and, in 1996, by  Romualdo Landrini and Giuseppina Orbi which has made it the magnificent structure we admire today.

The conservative restoration, lasting 4 years, has allowed to recover the ancient splendor of the dwelling while preserving features, conformation, spaces and original materials, both inside and outside.

The next phase of the project has led to the birth of the modern Relais, with rooms and suites, swimming pool, restaurant, banquet halls and wellness center, a complex close to nature and just 5 km from Assisi.